Friday, June 5, 2009

Urbana Skate Park update

Okay, I started this blog last week after a visit to the skate park. But due to Internet connection problems, I got off track and just now got back on here. And in the meantime, we now have a YouTube channel, How exciting is that! I only have two videos posted (again because of my connection problems.) But more will follow soon! And somehow I will figure out how to link my Youtube channel and blog to do this once. I am learning as I go as I am sure many of us are. Any advice? Comment below - I would love to hear from you.

Here is what I had to say last week with a little modification to send you to the video via YouTube...

What a beautiful day to be working outdoors! And I started my day at the Urbana Skate Park project to video the latest work instead of in the office as often happens. And I actually caught the guys "placing" concrete, as my dear twitter friend corrected me. I had a helper with me, and we thought we wouldn't get there in time to see the concrete mixer, but we were in luck. We saw one truck wash out and leave just before the last finish load arrived. Click below to see the video of their pour - make sure you watch to the end to see our little concrete finisher in training!

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