Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Two people asked me this morning, "Is Yoder Concrete Construction still hiring?"  My response was, "Yes, we are still accepting applications." The amount of bids we are cranking out is crazy, and the number of people saying that we will be doing work for them this year is amazing.  We are going to need some skilled concrete workers to be able to meet the need of the amount of work. We are so excited about the prospect for this year since the weather has finally gotten warmer. Do you know someone who is looking for work in the Urbana /Bellefontaine, Ohio area?  Do they have some concrete or general construction experience? Maybe you know someone who has their own concrete construction company and is tired of dealing with all of the paperwork and estimating and just wants to do what they love: pour and finish concrete.  At Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC, we focus on providing great training for our employees and giving them a great place to work, making them a part of a team creating something in which they can be proud. A lot of companies boast that they have a family oriented environment, and I guess we can do the same thing. Ask any of the employees here. We have each other's backs. 

Want to work in a positive work environment where you can see the results of that hard work at the end of the day? Concrete construction is a great field of work with job satisfaction, and Yoder Concrete Construction is a great employer. Stop in today for an application at 8874 N. US Hwy 68 just south of West Liberty, OH.

Friday, April 11, 2014

So this is who Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC is...!

Interested in Decorative Concrete for your home or business? Curious about who Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC really is? Maybe you drive past our business and love the new decorative concrete sign and display and wonder what is really happening here...

Here is an amazing video that will answer a lot of your questions. And it may create new questions on how we can help create the project you have been dreaming about. 

YCC Video - Click HERE!

Glow in the dark concrete?  Reallly?? Yes, we can do that.
Grain bin foundations and storage facilities, barn foundations and floors, yes we can do that.
Industrial paving, dock installation and repair, trench drains...
City streetscapes and concrete skate parks, YES, we do that too!

Watch the crew in action building the sign in front of our West Liberty, Ohio facility from the ground up.

If you love what you see, give us a call or stop by our shop to learn more. We would love to help create your DREAM project from beginning to end.

Visit www.yoderconcrete.com for more information.