Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ACI Certification Finisher Training

To continue our commitment to training and excellence in the concrete construction industry, our crews and office staff spent an entire day last week in the conference room learning about the standards set forth by the American Concrete Institute for a Concrete Flatwork Finisher. 

Jeff Yoder, ACI Certified Flatwork Finisher (#00151548) and President of Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC, conducted the training. By using ACI Certification craftsman workbooks and real life examples, Jeff discussed each chapter and reviewed sample exam questions with the attendees. They discussed planning and preparing the site for placing a concrete slab on ground, concrete materials, mixes and admixtures, floor flatness and levelness, concrete equipment and tools, finishing, jointing, curing and the protection of the concrete, and finally concrete finishing problems and possible solutions to ensure a quality project. Everyone was very receptive to the training, and there was much discussion and learning.

On Friday, February 3rd, two of our guys traveled to Columbus for the exam. The test was held at the Ohio Ready Mixed Concrete Association headquarters. The exam consisted of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions and lasted approximately two hours. 

Achieving certification from the American Concrete Institute as a Concrete Flatwork Finisher involves meeting the following requirements: One year (1500 hours) of work experience in finishing concrete flatwork, a passing grade on the written examination, and successful completion of a performance evaluation consisting of either a performance exam or an alternative evaluation based on signed affidavits verifying abilities and additional work experience. If you have enough experience, you may qualify to have the performance exam requirement waived. This alternative evaluation involves proving that you have an additional two years of applicable work experience (a total of 4500+ hours) and are able to correctly perform all procedures covered by the performance exam.  I am happy to report that both of our guys satisfied the experience requirement, and the performance exam was waived. Now we will wait on the results of the written examinations.

Why did we spend the time and money for this training and certification process? As stated by ACI in the workbook, "Being certified by ACI means being recognized by an independent organization of experts in the concrete field. ACI standards for design and construction are recognized and followed around the world..." We, at Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC, want to be the premier provider of concrete construction and be considered experts in our field of construction. Continued training is a must to ensure that our employees are following these standards so we may provide our customers with the best possible results on their projects.

I will report back when we have the results of the exam, although I am sure that both of the guys passed. Next year we plan to send another group for the exam to continue our quest for excellence.

Are you certified in your field? You should be. You should always strive to be the best you can be and learn something new every day. You may consider yourself an expert, but there is ALWAYS something new and exciting to learn.
Best wishes to you!