Monday, November 2, 2009

Pole barn floors, stenciled porch, & more

Hi! I thought I should at least jump on here and let you know we still exist! I wanted to post every week, but I had a little gap there, didn't I? Sorry!

Well, we have been busy. We have placed concrete for a decorative porch in Urbana, OH. I need to stop in and get pictures now that it is completely done. Jeff put the bottom row of siding back on the house last Friday. It is beautiful. We used a ...well, I'll wait and tell you more about it when I get the pictures up. The guys are pouring a barn floor today - I think total the floor used about 44 cy of concrete. We also have repaired a barn silo foundation outside of Urbana, replaced a garage floor in Quincy, and repaired and filled in a trench in a manufacturing facility in Sidney.

We are still bidding concrete jobs as well. A few bids that have recently gone out include another skate park, a set of barn floors for a beef operation, a decorative sidewalk, and a couple of driveway replacements.

Although we are not as busy as we have been in past years, we are still working strong with what we have, and we will be here for your business in the future. We appreciate each customer because without you, we wouldn't have a business. Let me know if we can be of service to you.