Thursday, September 10, 2009

A note from a customer

This is a note I received from a customer when she mailed in her final payment. She said, "You are very fortunate to have capable workers to work with your projects. They know the concrete business and did a good job with my patio. I know I will enjoy it and it will be safe for me. I bought a patio set and hope I have time to sit out there." Signed Dorothy

Dorothy had recently fallen on her previous patio of uneven flagstone pavers and had to have stitches in her head. We are very happy that the customer was not only pleased with her new patio, but that it also created a safer environment for her. And we thank our employees for the good work that they did. Kudos to all.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Champaign County

This morning my day started at the Verde in Urbana, OH, for the First Friday Coffee Break (1st Friday of each month) sponsored by the Champaign Co. Chamber of Commerce. There were 36 attendees, an outstanding number of people for their first event of this type. Tina Knotts, Director of the Chamber, updated everyone on events going on around the county in the month of September - over 10 different events or activities just in one month! If you are looking for something to do, Champaign County is definitely the place to be. Just to touch on a couple of events, Sept 12-13 is the MERFI Fly-in at Grimes Airport in Urbana. Experimental aircraft is the highlight of this event. The following weekend, Sept 19-20 is a big weekend with the Barn Quilt tour (almost 60 quilts throughout the county) and the Ohio Fish & Shrimp Festival at Freshwater Farms just north of Urbana. For more information on what to do in Champaign County, visit I have a few tickets to the Barn Quilt Tour if you are interested in them. Let me know!

After Tina told us about area events, each person in the room was given a chance to introduce themselves and share the business they represented. It was great to meet other people who want to see Champaign County thrive. It was a very positive meeting and encouraged me about the area businesses and what they have to offer. I am looking forward to getting more involved in the county in the near future.

I also spent some time talking with Mike Morris, Economic Development Director for the County, about social media. Great to get to know him a little, and looking forward to a great twitter and facebook relationship. It is amazing how much you get to know someone or learn about their businesses through social media. It is a great tool. I love it!! It makes meeting face to face even easier when you know a little about them, plus you have an immediate mutual interest to kick start the conversation - social media.

A few places to find Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC concrete work, check out the concrete around The Depot Coffee shop on East Main St, the Skate Park at Melvin Miller Park and the concrete in and around the new facility at Cedar Bog, just to name a few! Many of our jobs are in people's front or back yards, so I probably shouldn't give you those addresses. Not sure they would appreciate it. :-)

Well, I really need to get the bills paid before the long weekend. Have a safe and blessed Labor Day weekend. If you see me at the West Liberty festival, stop me and tell me what you think of my blog. I'd love to hear from you!!