Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yes, it is official. We've moved our office to West Liberty, OH!  It is a location where we have always dreamed it would be.  We are right on US Highway 68 just south of West Liberty. Don't look for a sign; we haven't change it yet. It still says "Lattimer Custom Installations," who have relocated their office to Urbana.  Installing a new temporary sign is high on my list of priorities while we decide on a more permanent one. We're still getting organized, but for the most part, we are up and running. You should come visit us!  We would love to have visitors. However, don't be surprised by the various shades of siding and roofing on the interior of the office thanks to the previous tenant. A remodel of the office space will be a great winter project for our guys should old man winter shut the concrete business down for a time.

Make the change in your phone books and databases. Our new information is as follows:

Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC
PO Box 605
8874 N. US Hwy 68
West Liberty, OH  43357

Our website and email addresses are still the same.

You know, one of the highlights of the move is that we are only a mile from Mad River Farm Market who sells Hemisphere Coffee Roasters coffee and expresso drinks. They also make great deli sandwiches and salads. That is definitely a move in the right direction from our location in the country. I'd better put myself on a budget, or I could be in trouble.

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