Friday, July 3, 2009

Decorative sidewalk - another happy customer!

(Before photo)

When I first met with Pat and her husband at their home in Springfield,OH, their main problem was the three little steps to get into their front door. Everyone was always tripping, or falling off the edge when opening the door. The brick looked nice enough, but what was the contractor thinking placing the sidewalk at that awkward height? Not low enough for a comfortable concrete step, but too high to step directly into the house. Our solution? Slope the new sidewalk gradually so the end result would be to step directly into the house with a standard 7" step and widen it gradually so as to not step off the edge.

Pat also had a very valid concern about having a contractor at her home. She wanted to make sure there wasn't any damage to their new front door or the windows on the lower lever. She was assured that Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC, shows as much care for their customers as they would for their own homes. The crew placed plastic up to protect the house from any possible flying debris and from concrete splatters.

The customer chose a subtle light gray color hardener and a stone gray release agent for the concrete to compliment the siding. With the new red door as their focal point, they didn't want the walk to compete. And with a keystone stencil to add a little pattern, the results were outstanding. Their new sidewalk welcomes visitors to their home with a new ease of entry into the house.

Pat's comments were, "We are so happy with our sidewalk...Your crew did a great job and were pleasant to have working here."

Thank you to a great and happy customer in Springfield, OH. Enjoy your new concrete sidewalk from Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC. Have a safe July 4th weekend!

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