Friday, October 12, 2012

Piqua Skate Park update

I hear you are asking for an update on the Piqua Skate Park and want to see some photos.  Here you go!

The Piqua Skate Park project, for Yoder Concrete Construction, LLC, dates all the way back to October of 2009. The City of Piqua Parks and Recreational Department submitted a request for bid "Skate Park - Design and Build of Plaza-Style Skate Park." In coordination with Karen Beasley from Beasley Architecture in Bellefontaine, OH, we submitted a proposal to design and complete this project. We had just completed the Urbana Skate Park in June of 2009, and the community and skaters were very pleased with the outcome. Being local, as opposed to bidders from as far away as California, we felt very capable to complete the project for Piqua using local companies and employees. However, the project was tabled due in part to funding issues.
The project resurfaced the spring of 2012 when a local benefactor chose to help the community fulfill their dream of a having local, quality concrete skate park for their youth. The chosen site was at Pitzenbarger Park on South Street next to the city pool and behind BK Root Beer. After several discussions, contract reviews and meetings, a plan of action was chosen, and we finally broke ground on Monday, July 9, 2012.

Pumping the stairs
The design that was chosen was very similar to the skate park built at Melvin Miller Park in Urbana, OH. Since we were familiar with that design, it would be easy to recreate it again in Piqua...or so we thought. The park in Urbana was built into an existing hill making the slope for the ramps and stairs a natural flow into the land. The site in Piqua, however, was FLAT. Over 2000 ton of stone has been hauled in and placed. Twelve foot retaining walls were built to hold in all of that stone and dirt. An extra set of stairs on the outside of the skate park was built to make access from the parking lot easier. The layout of the land added an element of challenge to the project that we did not have in Urbana. We, of course, are succeeding in accomplishing a three dimensional work of art using concrete on a flat surface.

Progress as of September 7, 2012
Building a Volcano
Above is a photo of work being done at our shop just yesterday to build the frame for the volcano. This is just one of the features yet to be built. The guys took it to the jobsite today for construction. We have this and a few more features to build, and then we can begin placing the flatwork around the features. Our portion of the project will soon be coming to a close. I am told that the city and the benefactor are very happy with our work and excited about the progress. They are very anxious to take possession of the park and schedule a grand opening, especially since fall is here and winter will soon be upon us. Our plan is to have the project completed by the end of October.

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  2. The "volcano's" transition is way too short and steep, just like the one at Urbana. Do any of you guys even skate?